Writing and Editing Resources

Below, you will find a list of links to other blogs, websites, youtube channels, etc. that provide helpful tips and advice for writing and editing your book. I have included the link in the title and then a short description to give you an idea of what you will find there but I highly recommend checking some of these out! If you know of a resources that you don't see here but think would be helpful to others, please feel free to contact me at

Cameron's blog posts contain a nice mix of advice, discussions, and mini writing prompts. There are a lot of great discussions about character motivation, how to get yourself in gear to actually write, and much more to come. Plus, she hosts discussions and answers questions so hop on over to see what she's got to say!

According to the website, Joanna Penn is an author who shares her own lessons from the writing journey. Her website is a wealth of information for what seems like anything you could possibly want to know about writing, marketing, or publishing your book. It is a lot of information that might be more appropriate for someone who has been through some of the basics, but there is definitely something for everyone.

More to Come!

I will be adding more resources here as I find them. That said, if you find yourself here and have a craft blog, website, vlog, etc. that you think would be helpful to others, please feel free to send it to me! You can reach me at